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High performing saddlery solutions for the equine athlete.

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I was lucky enough to make a saddle fitting last month and I don't regret a moment of the long drive it took to get there now! He helped me with all 3 of my very different built horses. I honestly didn't think my saddles fit that bad until I got a chance to ride in saddles that did! The physical freedom my horses gained was beyond expression. Bob explained during the fitting what we were looking for and what was good and bad. It was highly educational! He helped me fit one of my current saddles to my Mare and it's like a glove now. I purchased a Double J Pursuit saddle same day and after fitting two of my horses so well I couldn't stop thinking about accommodating my third horse and didnt hesitate about coming back to Bob to get that accomplished. My beneficial gains; body soundness for my horses, comfort and close contact for me and athletic gains in competition. Thank you so much for all you've given my horses and myself! -- Aleasha Barnes

Bob is super knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge, so you understand what and why your horse needs in a saddle to be successful. -- Sueanna Henderson

Having Bob out was such a relief. My mare is typically hard to fit, but knowledge goes a long way. Bob was able to fit her and make a couple alterations to my saddle plans so that both of us will be comfortable. The knowledge that is needed when it comes to saddle fitting is so important and often times goes unrecognized; Bob has both knowledge and experience. There is science and research behind saddle fitting both of which Bob has mastered and understands. You wouldn’t go to a Podiatrist who doesn’t have a PHD, so don’t use a saddle fitter who doesn’t have the knowledge to saddle fit! I was very impressed by Bob’s understand and passion towards horse anatomy and understanding what is needed to keep both horse and rider safe and sound! Thanks Bob for all the info and I look forward to learning more from you! -- Maria Matthews-Heilig

Thank you Bob for fitting and setting me up with a new saddle at finals! I know I shouldn't have ran in a new saddle but it fit so perfect that I did and I do not regret it one bit! -- Heidi Spainhower

Thank you Bob for coming out to fit my daughter's horse yesterday!! Great experience. Bob came out to our barn and spent quite a bit of time educating us on saddle fit and how it should fit our horse. We purchased a new saddle, and hopefully my daughter will have this saddle for years to come. Bob will come out after about 30 hrs of saddle time to see how things are going. Looking forward to seeing how my daughter and her horse enjoy riding in the new saddle. -- Kris Kalinowski MacQueen

Bob fit my barrel horse with a Double J saddle a few months ago. Ever since, my horse has been running faster that ever. Thank you Bob! -- Amber McGuire

Bob takes time to measure your horse and also double checks that the saddle he says will fit does fit. --Laurie Jackowiak